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Since the mists of time, man always pursued a dream, the one to illuminate dark zones of the universe and explore the most remote lands of earth.

That's how multiple legends transmitted through generations were born,

telling us the story of the men of courage - the explorers.


This series "aventuriers" is an anthology of imaginary explorer tales.

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Episode 1 : Bloody Monday

During a night sand storm, two aviators flying over a desert lose their direction.
Suddenly they spot a light in the darkness, and discover a huge lighthouse in the middle of the desert, towering over ruins.
Upon close inspection, they find suspended scraps of airplanes that surround the tower…
The pirates of the desert!

Bloody Monday

Episode 2: Toys march

Fortified city of Città Romana.
In this city, a state in war, adult males has almost disappeared.
The young boys are recruited to become small soldiers.
Kids take the combat like a video game.
To avoid sending her son to this cruel war, Soara's mother calls a renowned surgeon to turn him into a girl.

La parade des jouets

Episode 3: Devil's paradise

A passenger plane crashes in a desert island.
Andrei, one of the three survivors holds on to his precious suitcase filled with money.
The survivors discover strange animals such as singing butterflies, fish with legs...
But this is all just the beginning of mysterious phenomenon...

Le paradis des démons

Episode 4: Beijing 2079

China of the future.
Laohu and the author Lin PuSong are walking in a snow storm.
Laohu accused of a murder, has just escaped from jail, but he knows he is innocent…
Both travelers find a shelter in an old temple where Laohu discovers a mural painting..
A painting of a lady.

Suddenly, he is being absorbed into the fresco and relives again the murder scene.

Pékin 2079

Episode 5: A jolly Viking family

Erik Ericsson is a descendent of Vikings.
His family travels though the oceans. The family has been incomplete since Hugo, the eldest son has been expelled after a terrible quarrel with his father.
Navigating on a battleship they have stolen from the army, they are being chased by the Nordland navy. The navy is getting closer and closer and anticipating to arrest them during the passage by the channel, an obligatory passing point.  
“ Enemy ship on starboard! Be prepared for battle!”
In a blink of an eye, the family changes into a small army.
Not so far from there, in the port, Hugo watches the scene.

Despite a different destiny, the roads of the father and the son meet together yet again...

Une drole de famille viking

Episode 6: The black mountain

Lloyd is an agent of a big natural resources exploitation firm.
After hearing the legend of the golden valley, he arrives in this land and discovers gold nuggets coming from the black mountain.
But the locals, having a strange power, forbid him to go there, for sacred reasons.
Lloyd falls in love with a girl of the tribe, forgets his mission and lives a peaceful life until this day...

The day a women agent finds him and brings him back to reality.

La montagne noire

Episode 7: War of the gourmet kings

Episode 8: The man who saw the end of the world

Episode 9: the last Leopardmen (part one)

Episode 10: the last Leopardmen (part two)

La montagne noire