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Far away in the universe a planet dies one day.
The stars end wasnt a natural phenomenon .
Frannelyn was destroyed and its inhabitants wiped out by creatures.
Completely? Not quite.
Saturna the princess and Goblyn her servant are the only survivors.
They were sent into outer space in a small rescue capsule with hopes of landing in an uninhabited area.
They were welcomed by none other than the living room of our bachelor Brutus, in one of the hundreds of planet houses in the solar system of Amarilis.

Against the wishes of the owner, the princess and her benevolent servant decide to install a temporary Frannelyn government here.

Saturna is the only daughter of the late king of the kingdom of Frannelyn.
In order to perpetuate their great civilization and in order to save his daughters life, the king sent her and her servant far away into outer space.
Saturna is still a teenager, and often contradicts her guardian Gobelyn.
She lives under the same roof as Brutus but doesnt realize he is a person of the opposite sex.
Is it innocence or foolhardiness?

Gobelyn is Saturnas robot servant.
He has an enormous head and two long tentacle-like hands which come out of his mouth.
He uses the big storage space of his mouth to save convenient tools from his planet.
Before the big explosion, the king and queen entrusted him with their daughters life and the task of perpetuating their civilization.
If only the princess would listen to him.

Brutus, forty years old.
Atypical bachelor of the day enjoying his freedom.
Lives by the motto, "There are as many beautiful girls in the world as stars in the universe, why be satisfied with only one of them?"
He diligently goes to"Planet Bachelor"to practice his vision of life.
Eldest son in a large aristocratic family, he is still financially dependant on his mother, Queen Mother, and spends his time in good company.
Not knowing what else to do, the Queen Mother sees the sudden arrival of the foreign princess as an opportunity to steer her son in the right direction and forces him to live with her.
This is unacceptable to Brutus who decides to do everything in his power to get rid of her.


The Platon family to which Brutus belongs is a respected aristocratic family.
The family members are all unique people and are not easy to live with. Queen Mother keeps a severe watch over all of the family dissent.