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Published on the web Manga "Michao!"(Kodansha).

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Wellcome, dear friends,
I am professor Lafayette from Paris University, yokaiologyst, Yokai specialist.

Haven’t you heard about Yokais?
Well, they are those strange creatures who were born out from our fears.

Some are dangerous, some are all cute and sweet, but they are always there, whether we see them or not , they are there ,beside us, in the city, in the mountains, in the sea or in the countryside.

So, come with me, dicover the curious world of Yokais through all over France!

episode1: the chimney sweep of parisian roofs
episode2: Karl, Magician of beauty
episode3: the Columns of sea
episode4: Ball of happiness
episode5: the Voice Eater of the Opera
episode6: the Arms of Mont Saint Michel