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Wellcome, dear friends,

I am professor Lafayette from Paris University, the Gorgoras specialist.

Haven’t you heard about Gorgoras?
Well, they are those strange creatures who were born out from our fears.

Some are dangerous, some are all cute and sweet, but they are always there, whether we see them or not , they are there ,beside us, in the city, in the mountains, in the sea or in the countryside.

So, come with me, discover the curious world of Gorgoras through all over France!




Gorgoras Volume1   



1_Scribble_The prankster of the canal
2_The Three Pikemen Brothers_ the grim reapers of the Camargue Plains
3_The home of Gorgoras_in the back-alleys of Pigalle
4_The Timemonger_the peddler of the Comté countryside
6_The gut Turner_ The Gorgora doctor of Lourdes
7_The Fire Mermeids_ The fey lanterns of the coasts of Brittany
8_Mr.&Mrs. Ogre Rouge_The 3-star chef Gorgoras
9_The Black Eagle_ The protector God of the Pyrenees mountains
10_The Kendernapper_ The kidnapper spirit of Alsace