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"Odaijini",a set phrase that a doctor says after a consultation which literally means "Take care of yourself",is the title of a manga series published from '91 to '94 in the weekly manga magazine called "Morning・ (Kodansha) which has a circulation of 1.2 million copies a week.

The series was later published as two books in '93 and '94.


Set in old Tokyo at the end of the 18th century when Tokyo was still called Edo.

Dentaku is a doctor who in his spare time enjoys leisurely strolls under the cherry blossoms, listening to snowflakes falling and immortalizing these precious moments with his brush.


"Odaijini" lets us discover, or rediscover, Japan of yesteryear, the daily life of people at the time and the nature that surrounds them, with much humor, and in a style reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints.