Gorgoras_ Ghost stories from France

“Sand-Arms” watching for hikers in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, the “Sootymen” enjoying themselves on the roofs of Paris… The secrets of these monsters, called “Gorgoras”, finally revealed!

Welcome, dear friends. I am professor Lafayette from Paris University, the Gorgoras specialist. Haven’t you heard about Gorgoras? Well, they are those strange creatures that inhabit our lands, away from the eyes of humans.
So, come with me, discover the curious world of Gorgoras through all over France!

Are there any fantastic creatures in France?

This is a question I often get asked. It was during one of my trips to Japan, when I was young, that I discovered the Yôkais….
Since the dawn of time, in this country, the Yôkais, also called «mononoke» existed.
There are many stories of «tengu», divinity of mythology with a long nose, or «kappas», these little carapace devils, or giant monsters, such as «Yamata no Orochi», passed down by word of mouth to the present day.
Many illustrations have even been left, such as the “Hyakki yagyo emaki (the Parade of the hundred demons)”, an old scroll, dating from the Muromachi era (14-16th century).

Yôkais or equivalents, exist in many cultures other than Japan or China, but what about in the western civilisations? Well, they exist! And I named them Gorgoras!

What are the differences with Western monsters or ghosts?

First of all, the Gorgoras are creatures that live in the same environment as us, humans. They took their roots in the feelings of people, in front of mysterious natural phenomena, old objects that have passed through years, and steeped in history. Unlike the monsters who live in places away from men, the Gorgoras are often with us! Another characteristic, is that they often speak our language and interact with our everyday life.
They also have a “power”, which humans do not have, and which they can use for good or evil.
Thus, travelling through France, I was able to find some specimens of Gorgoras in our countries and create a small catalogue that I have the pleasure to present you in here.

A sea monster interpreted by Conrad Gessner in his Histriae Animalium (1558)

«Gorgoras» is a series about fantastic creatures living in France, prepublished from 2005 to 2007,under the title «Diabolica» on the web Manga« Michao! » (Kôdansha).

Discover at the end of each episode, pages of “the Encyclopedia of Gorgoras”, richly illustrated with pictures and historical photos!

1_Scribble_ The prankster of the canal
2_The Three Pikemen Brothers_ the grim reapers of the Camargue Plains
3_The home of Gorgoras_ in the back-alleys of Pigalle
4_The Timemonger_ the peddler of the Comté countryside
6_The gut Turner_ The Gorgora doctor of Lourdes
7_The Fire Mermeids_ The fey lanterns of the coasts of Brittany
8_Mr.&Mrs. Ogre Rouge_ The 3-star chef Gorgoras
9_The Black Eagle_ The protector God of the Pyrenees mountains
10_The Kendernapper_ The kidnapper spirit of Alsace

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