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may 2020
2 books from the “fifty/fifty” collection by Yuki Press, in english /japanese, spanish:

Little Yabani in Beirut
With a Japanese mother and a Lebanese father, eleven year old Adam shares his unique perspective on the world around him, and on life in Lebanon and Japan.(bilingual written in English and Japanese languages)

Un Cubano in New York
Nicholas Junquera grew up being called “Nick” and “Nico”.
Raised in New York by a Cuban father, he had one foot in the states, and one in his father’s homeland.
His multicultural perspective is evident in these five vignettes from his childhood- from the comical to the poignant.
A must read bilingual book written in English and Spanish languages.

The first book from the series “Gorgoras_Ghost story from France”

1_Scribble_ The prankster of the canal
2_The Three Pikemen Brothers_ the grim reapers of the Camargue Plains
3_The home of Gorgoras_ in the back-alleys of Pigalle
4_The Timemonger_ the peddler of the Comté countryside
6_The gut Turner_ The Gorgora doctor of Lourdes
7_The Fire Mermeids_ The fey lanterns of the coasts of Brittany
8_Mr.&Mrs. Ogre Rouge_ The 3-star chef Gorgoras
9_The Black Eagle_ The protector God of the Pyrenees mountains
10_The Kendernapper_ The kidnapper spirit of Alsace