Rémi La Bohème

Paris, Montmartre.

A shadow moves quickly between the roofs. It’s Remi.

The “honest people” call him a hooligan, but girls and kids perceive himas a hero, who knows how to keep the child’s open mindset.”I’m the kid of the street and I hate traced paths! I will follow my own path, a path of a bohemian!”


20 years old, is a so called Montmartrois, who grew up in Montmartre.
Being a bully during his childhood, people predicted his future as the one of a gangster.
Nowadays his friends have grown up and got regular jobs.
Some of them are already married and even have kids.
Remi doesn’t want to be an average citizen nor a criminal.
He wants to fully experience his liberty and chase his dreams.
He lives in his Zeppelin, a small hut built on a tree.
He communicates with a picture of his father who constantly corrects him and criticizes him: “Remi, beware of the girls!” he repeats.

Paris and its bohemians…

In Paris, one can find many curious characters: Street artists living from day to day, poets humming the sadness of life, musicians singing forbidden loves.

All of them constitute the famous group of bohemians:

Thomas, the liar of Menilmontant, Guy of Pere Lachaise cemetery, Laurent, nicknamed The living encyclopedia of the Latin Quarter, and Michou the pirate from Quai de Grenelle.

Remi, known before as “Remi l’éclair (the thunder)” , used to be a rascal feared even by worst rascals. Many perceived him as the future godfather.

Not feeling to be typical honest guy, neither willing to cheat on the honest people,

he leaves the rascals and takes on a bohemian way of life.

King of tricks!

Since the childhood, Remi has been named the King of tricks.
Cheating backers and setting up a free all-you-can-eat pastries buffet, organizing a striptease considered a fashion show, and other tricks..

Even now, as a young adult, his sense of fun hasn’t changed. Only the scale…
Before he used a wooden box to descend the stairs, now he is using a real car!

The art of seduction

Remi’s biggest passion in life are girls.
Blonds, brunettes, redheads, blue eyed, chubby, shy ones, aggressive ones – all of them are a big challenge to our Remi.
Because seduction is an art after all!
Remi doesn’t lack ideas to seduce his prey:
Whispering sweet words, creating emotional situations, drama, are Remi’s strengths!

Small jobs

Remi hates above all to settle down in the society, obey the rules and living an average person’s life.
He wants to do only what he pleases.

He’s an idealist.

But life is not so easy, and money problems soon show up.

Remi has to earn his living by doing small jobs; but not any small jobs!

Special jobs made for Remi, and by Remi such as matrimonial agency for puppies, improvising peep shows in apartments…. Remi never lacks of ideas!

Dream big!

Child imagination has no limits. But, in the adulthood the dreams become trapped between the rules of the society…

Remi doesn’t want to limit himself, he wants to live his dreams, a bit like an eternal dreamer…